• Rick Palermo

Greenfield tackles the Top 10, no, make that 11, hardest controls

Exostar, a leading monitor of NIST compliance, recently randomly selected over 1,000 of their users that have completed the Exostar NIST 800-171 form to determine the pain points in achieving NIST compliance.  Their post can be found here.   They were able to identify the top ten most difficult controls to implement.  And in true Spinal Tap fashion, ten wasn’t enough so they turned it up to eleven.   The table below lists the top eleven most difficult of the 110 controls from their survey.  Of the top eleven, Greenfield fully covers seven, and will help you with the remaining four. 3.5.3 – Covered. 3.13.11 – Nope, you’ve got to enforce your encryption policy, but we’ll give you one to enforce. 3.3.5. – Yep, covered. 3.3.6 – No worries, we’ve got it covered. 3.7.5 – Covered.3.1.19 – Nope, you’ve got to employ full-device encryption on all your authorized mobile devices, but we’ll help you. 3.13.13 – Of course; covered. 3.3.4 – Yup, this one too; covered. 3.13.10 – Nope, you’ll have to enforce your encryption policy, but again, we’ll help you. 3.12.4 – But of course; covered. 3.4.8 – This one’s a tricky one, but we’ll help you through it. So, if you’re having trouble achieving compliance and spending more time than you’d like chasing those hard to implement controls.  Consider Ascolta and make your life and compliance easier.

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