• Rick Palermo

Ascolta now offering DevOps-as-a-Service

Many software and IT Ops teams have adopted DevOps practices into their work cultures to help them evolve into a faster, agile (pun intended) and more innovative version of their former selves. Companies which haven’t yet adopted DevOps feel the pressure to do so as a result of competition. Pursuing advancement can be uncomfortable because it calls for teams to move out of their comfort zones. Progress comes with challenges at first, but pays off when you stay the course. Companies face challenges such as overcoming the Development versus Operations mentality; moving from legacy infrastructure to microservices, too much focus on tools, resistance to change, and Development and Operations toolset clashes when they seek to adopt DevOps. THE ASCOLTA SOLUTION Ascolta helps break down the barriers to entry with DevOps; helping you manage the move to a microservice architecture from a legacy/monolithic infrastructure.  We leverage our history of DevOps expertise to assist you in migrating to the cloud, automating your infrastructure and taking your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and web apps to the next level. We bring the foundations of automation, configuration management and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery to cope with the increased operational workloads that microservices bring.  We can perform the work for you, train your staff to do the work in house, or provide a mixture of both to ensure you meet security requirements and make sure that the tools are well-integrated with your existing infrastructure.   Under either option Ascolta DevOps experts can help augment your current DevOps team, utilize them to implement new DevOps practices, and/or bring best of breed DevOps tools through our partners (HashiCorp) to your organization. Our cleared DevOps professionals can perform work in Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) environments. Ascolta Professional Services DevOps Offerings

Consulting – Ascolta can meet with your management and DevOps team to identify areas where a DevOps solution could provide the most impact.  From there we’ll work beside you to select the best solution, develop an implementation plan tailored to your needs, and assist your team to implement the custom DevOps solution. Our team of experienced DevOps professionals will assist you in determining the right tools, processes and applications and help you implement and integrate them, and then advise you on how best to manage them.  Once complete, our consultants will be available to fine tune your implementation and help when needed.

DaaS – DevOps-as-a-Service (Daas), Don’t have a DevOps team?  Ascolta can provide you a DevOps solution, maintain your platform and be responsible for day-to-day operational issues, allowing you to develop and ship your products without the need for internal DevOps hires.  DaaS makes optimal use of your in-house resources while taking advantage of the collaborative environment and fast turnaround of the cloud. Partnering with Ascolta gives you greater agility and access to DevOps expertise without sacrificing your existing infrastructure. If you are considering a new DevOps strategy, DaaS shortens time to deployment giving you greater versatility.

Training – Ascolta can educate and train your existing workforce in the latest DevOps techniques and processes and on the latest DevOps tools. We’ll help provide the technical foundation for your DevOps implementation, and we’ll help ensure all the tools are used properly and safely. Training is an opportunity to learn today's best practices and have direct dialogue with HashiCorp engineers. Each training opportunity is carefully crafted to maximize time, value, and learning potential for your developers. The training courses are delivered by experienced HashiCorp engineers who actively work and contribute to the HashiCorp ecosystem.

Combination – We can combine our consulting, DaaS offering and training courses to provide a tailored solution that best fits your needs.  Whether that involves training your DevOps personnel prior to beginning a DaaS engagement or providing consulting services while training your staff to take over upon completion of the engagement.  Our goal is to provide the best DevOps experience and support for you individual needs. 

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